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We are a pro-life Obstetrics and Gynecology medical practice, dedicated to you and your individual needs.

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We offer comprehensive OB/GYN services from adolescent to menopausal health and everything in between, providing you with personalized treatment and respect in your care.


Dr. B’s Memoir

Dear Friends, I have exciting news! My memoir Two Patients: My Conversion from Abortion to Life-Affirming Medicine is now available. The title of the book is inspired by a turning point moment in the delivery room after a neonatologist colleague of mine called me out for treating unborn babies like tumors. She reminded me I had two patients. Not a patient and a “disease” that needed to be treated by abortion, but two human patients in need of care–mother and baby. Two patients who were part of the same human family. By the grace of God, I had a dramatic spiritual conversion back to the Catholic Church. That conversion led to the creation of Tepeyac OB/GYN and Divine Mercy Care and our mission to provide excellent, life-affirming care to women. My prayer is that God will use Two Patients to change hearts and minds and that it will give medical students and OB/GYNs courage to stand up against the medical status quo and say yes to practicing life-affirming medicine. I pray that God will use my story to empower and encourage women who face unplanned pregnancies or life-threatening prenatal diagnoses and inspire them to choose courage over fear. I hope that you will consider ordering my book.


Balance Billing Protection for Out-of-Network Services

Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills.

When you get emergency care or are treated by an out-of-network provider at an in-network facility, you are protected from surprise billing or balance billing.

Hannah’s Hope



Fellowship, prayer, and support for women journeying through primary and secondary infertility.



Every second Monday of the month from 6-7 P.M. via a Zoom virtual meeting. For more information and to RSVP contact Sandra at Hannahshope2021@gmail.com


Responding to the changing world around us, Tepeyac is now set up to do certain, non-OB virtual appointments, sometimes known as telehealth. Most insurance companies are now covering such appointments, though you should check with your insurance company if you are uncertain.

Examples of appointment types that are a good fit for virtual appointments are medication checks, infertility consults, test results, or seeking a second opinion. Please call the front desk to check if your non-OB need is eligible and/or schedule a telehealth call.

We are a pro-life obstetrics and gynecology medical practice, dedicated for 25 years to serving you and your individual needs.

Uninsured Patients

If you are pregnant and uninsured please go to CoverVA.org for information and to apply for Medicaid or low cost health insurance.


Si está embarazada y no tiene seguro, visite la paginá CubreVirginia.org para obtener información y solicitar Medicaid o un seguro de salud de bajo de bajo costo.

"My husband and I just had our second child with Tepeyac. We could not have asked for better care from all of the doctors and nurses there. Know that they have your best interests and those of your child at heart! If you want doctors who care and listen to you, this is the best ob-gyn practice."

- Anna W.

"Tepeyac is such a special place! You feel a sense of peace, trust & safety the minute you walk in the door. To have Drs. that will pray with you during your appt! Blessed to experience this environment."

- Jennifer B.

"The best OB/GYNs I have gone to! They are compassionate, professional and excellent in their medical care… I came to Tepeyac from another practice after having experienced a miscarriage, and the difference in care I received was for me life changing."

- Leah