Infertility Treatments

NaproTechnology (Napro) vs. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

At Tepeyac, we approach infertility using NaPro Technology.

Effective: Napro has been found to be 1.5-3 times more effective than IVF. Napro provides surgeries and hormonal replacements to help a woman and husband achieve pregnancy apart from a laboratory.

Ethics: With IVF, embryos are destroyed (there are about 16.9 embryos created for every 1 live birth). At times, selective abortion is used to cope with pregnancies of multiples. We want women to be informed about what happens in this process before they make that decision.

Economical: Napro is often less costly than IVF. Though one cycle of IVF and one surgical Napro treatment are comparable in price, Napro helps identify when surgery is not required. Furthermore, IVF is often sold in packages of multiple cycles, to increase success rates, and racking up costs.

Enduring: By finding the underlying cause of infertility, it can be actually treated. Thus, the chance for subsequent successful pregnancies increases without the intervention of IVF.

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